symphonic black metal from Belgium

What can only be described as an epic movie score fused with thundering guitars, blistering drums and haunting screams, Artefacts combines the bombast of a symphonic orchestra with the darkness of black metal, while adding a progressive touch.

The mission from the outset was to give the audience an all-inclusive experience, encompassing music, images and an expansive storyline and thus, ‘The Titan Chronicles’ was born. An entire universe, in which the base story line is set, was conceived. Presenting a narrative that takes place in a world that speaks to the imagination while dealing with relatable issues such as love, death and treachery, the trilogy takes the listener (and reader) on a voyage through space and time.

As the first in a set of three records, ‘Lucius’, named after the anti-hero protagonist, aims to please the most demanding audience. Recorded, mixed and mastered by the brilliant Bram Dewachter and Tim Van Doorn at Big Dog Recordings, the record’s sound stands its ground amongst genre tentpoles. Leading into 2022, the band is ready to perform the songs to perfection and offer a live act to the crowd an aural and visual experience they will never forget.

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the band


• Niklaas R
• Siegfried M
• Gert S
• Tom L
• Tom E
• Erik V

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